About GPA New Jersey Chapter

The Grant Professionals Association (formerly the American Association of Grant Professionals) is a nonprofit professional association of grant writers, grant managers, and grant consultants headquartered in Kansas City, KS. The association exists to build and support an international community of grant professionals committed to serving the greater public good by practicing the highest ethical and professional standards. To achieve this mission, GPA:

  • Serves as a leading authority and resource for the practice of grantsmanship in all sectors of the field;
  • Advances the field by promoting professional growth and development;
  • Enhances the public image and recognition of the profession within the greater philanthropic, public, and private funding communities;
  • Promotes positive relationships between grant professionals and their stakeholders.

One of the ways GPA is able to fulfill its mission is through the leadership of local chapters.

The New Jersey Chapter of the Grant Professionals Association (formerly the New Jersey Chapter of the American Association of Grant Professionals) was established in 2006. In 2007, the New Jersey Chapter hosted the first annual Grant Professionals Association Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference. This year, members of the New Jersey Chapter are helping to establish a new chapter of GPA in Southeastern PA.

Leadership – GPA New Jersey Chapter

The New Jersey Chapter of the Grant Professionals Association is led by a 5-member Executive Board and 4 Committee Chairs. Current committees include:

  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference Committee
  • Professional Development Committee
  • WebSite Management Committee
  • Membership Committee

Each member of the board and chair of a committee is elected/selected for a two-year term, beginning January 1 and running through December 31.

President Dana Wilson
Trinity Support Services, LLC
Vice-President Linda Dandridge
Grant Writer
Greater Bergen Community Action, Inc.
Secretary Patricia Bruder, GPC
Linchpin Solutions, LLC
Treasurer Jeffrey Lischin
Independent Consultant, Jeffrey Lischin Consulting
Immediate Past President Denise Katula
Somerset County Administrator’s Office
GPA MidAtlantic Grants Conference Chairs Dianna Pell
Dianna Pell Consulting
Professional Development Committee Chair Available
WebSite Management Committee Chair Patricia Bruder
Independent Grants/Marketing Consultant,
Linchpin Solutions, LLC
Membership Committee Chair Available


The New Jersey Chapter of the Grant Professionals Association hosts a member meeting every other month at centrally located sites. Meetings are an excellent opportunity to network with peers, garner new ideas from both professional speakers and each other, and participate in the business of the chapter.

In addition, the New Jersey Chapter hosts the MidAtlantic Grants Conference each May.

To learn more about our activities, see Calendar of Events.


Founding members of the NJ Chapter include:

Dena Hartigan, Stacey Abate, Helena Kosoff, Virginia Mayr-Freeman, Nancy Laurelli, Shelly Richards, Dana Wilson, Michael Zaberto, Rita Parodowski-Rowe, and Tammy Peoples.

To learn more about our members or to join our ranks, see Join NJ Chapter GPA.

Social Media

The New Jersey Chapter is not only on the web at www.grantprofessionalsnj.org but is also on
• Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1854250
• Facebook www.facebook.com/njgpa
• Twitter www.twitter.com/GPANJchapter
• Meetup (GPA) Grant Professionals Association NJ Chapter


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