The Grant Professionals Certification Institute

Since its inception, the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) has been dedicated to establishing a valid credentialing process for grant professionals. To this end, and in keeping within the ideal parameters for psychometric testing, GPA created GPCI, an independent body to oversee its credentialing initiative. While GPCI is considered an affiliate of GPA and shares GPA’s vision and mission, it is governed by its own board and maintains its own 501(c)(3). Find more information about GPA here.

The Grant Professional Certified (GPC) is designed to serve individuals who possess broad based knowledge and real world experience in the field of grantsmanship. An individual who comes forward to sit for the GPC Exam will have a strong ethical base, commitment to the constituents we serve and competence in the fundamentals of grantsmanship. The GPC also serves all stakeholders in the grants field. It provides widely recognized affirmation of the GPC practitioner as a person of integrity whose broad interest is in building social capital. As a well-recognized, respected element of the grants sector, the GPC helps stakeholders make the important distinction between the ethical grants professional and those who seek personal profit by capitalizing on the needs of others.

GPCISM believes that it is essential for the nonprofit community, as well as the community-at-large, to understand the role grant professionals play in the overall health of a nonprofit organization, and the power it has over the outcomes of its fund seeking.

The list of credentialing beneficiaries goes far beyond the grant professional who receives the credential. It includes grantseeking organizations, the beneficiaries and clients of those organizations, the general public, government and would-be government regulators

The Grants Professional Certification Institute (GPCI) – would like to keep the lines of communication open! If you are interested in receiving ongoing information and encouragement related to achieving your GPC, please click here  and register on the GPCI website.